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Digital Marketing Basics

Paid Search

Search is the best marketing platform ever invented.

Think about it, you have the population of the world going to one place and expressing their intent. All you need to do is be there! Suddenly you're part of the foremost global network for information, goods and services. Understanding the language of your customers and meeting them halfway is the key.

Pay-per-click (or PPC) is fantastic because you control every aspect - the copy, positioning, landing page experience, everything. This strengthens your brand, focuses your spend and drives conversion rates higher as you're positioned exactly where you want to be.

Now there are some challenges. A lot of time and effort goes into building a profitable paid search account. In addition, search engines like Google and Bing are usually looking out for their interests before yours.

Paid search tools can be useful but without the experience to use them properly, you’ll be lost. Some tools can even damage your account. At PPC Architect, you won't find any computer generated ad copy or arcane campaign structures. I work as your personal consultant, custom tailoring an account best suited for your business. What you inherit back is something profitable and groomed by a human being with a fine-tooth comb.

Web Analytics

Most businesses aren't tapping into the full potential of their web analytics.

There are a ton of great web analytics vendors out there. Some of the best, like Google Analytics, are actually free. The saddest part - most businesses aren't even using the expensive ones they're paying for!

The amount of information that can be extracted is incredible. The success of your business may depend upon it. For example, do your customers tend to come in off a search visit, return four days later from an affiliate, convert on a direct load to site, then come back six months later on an email? Well guess what, that information is available to you now.

Web analytics gives you insight into every last detail about how your customers are interacting with you.

Once you know the likely paths to purchase someone is going to take - the marketing channels they will touch, the landing page sequence they will follow, where the drop-off points will be, the micro conversions - you've just figured out an edge. Most of your competitors will still be guessing with their gut, wouldn’t you like to know with certainty?

Social Media

Social media is a different universe from search and requires a different approach. A good PPC consultant knows the secret. Defining your audience is the key.

With 30% of Americans getting their news from Facebook, Tweets being indexed to Google as soon as they're posted, professional networks like Linkedin growing rapidly and every star in a Yelp review leading to a 5-9% jump in revenue for a business - social media has become a permanent fixture in our lives and a significant part of digital marketing.


There are a vast number of web properties out there on the Google Display Network, all waiting for the proper advertisement. The challenge is categorizing, organizing and targeting the right ad to the ideal person, at the correct time, on the perfect website. The good news - this feat is possible and the results can be spectacular.


1/3 of e-commerce sales are now happening on mobile devices! This trend increases every year. Your strategy must be crafted for the speed and usability demands of the mobile audience.

Web Design

It all culminates in great web design. That's where the rubber meets the road. Intuitive, easy and entertaining are the feelings I want the website to convey.

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I've worked for years inside marketing departments for some of the biggest companies out there, including Disney and Intuit. I've also managed accounts for Macy's, Peet's Coffee and Bass Pro. My experience as a web developer and designer also means I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty with some code. You can read more about my background here.